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The Function of Human Tissue Samples, DNA And RNA In Protein Synthesis

Deoxyribonucleic acid, or more often we briefly as DNA and ribonucleic acid is a macromolecule that was instrumental in the lives of all kinds of living organisms. Good human tissue samples, DNA or RNA is the structure of nucleic acids (nucleic acid). Nucleic acid itself is a macromolecule that is very complex and is made up of the nucleotide chains and can be found in all living organisms and also the virus that has the characteristic features of living beings in every process of DNA.

Nucleotide chain is a major monomer constituent nucleic acid which consists of three main components, namely the group heterocyclic nitrogenous bases, sugar pentose (five-carbon sugar) and phosphate groups. In this nucleotide chains in which there is a carrier of genetic information. Nucleic acids are inside the nucleus of cells called the cell nucleus.

The Function of Human Tissue

A type of sugar found in nucleotide chain that distinguishes the types. RNA is ribose pentose being part pentosane yak DNA is deoxyribose. DNA and RNA are very similar, including in terms of physical characteristics and chemical. DNA and RNA have the same functions that are essential for the development and functioning of living organism’s life. DNA and RNA are both a nucleic acid and quite similar to one another because of the similarity in the basic structure. The differences can be identified between DNA and RNA, among others: Pentose sugar forming RNA is ribose while the RNA is dioksiribosaDNA has the shape of the molecule in the form of a double helix, while the single-chain RNA molecules are folded so as to form a double chain.

Whereas RNA is not found their bases thymine. At only RNA bases are guanine, adenine, cytosine, and uracil. From its size, DNA molecules are generally longer than the RNA molecule. Based on its location, only DNA found in the chromosomes inside the cell nucleus. While the location of the RNA depending on the variety. DNA are in the cytoplasm, reran in the ribosome and mRNA contained in the nucleus.

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