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The Cost Concerns of Hair Transplant in Dubai

The hair transplant procedure is one of the finest solutions to combating the hair loss problem with the innovative techniques and advanced technology. The invention and practice of hair restoration surgery introduced in the mid-20th century and before that the problem of hair loss and their cure was an unanswerable question. Thanks to advanced technology & techniques that made it possible to get an easy and permanent solution to the hair loss problem. It is a boon in the plastic & cosmetic surgery’s world that allows a Surgeon to regenerate the hair roots again on the site where they have lost the growth and an option to get the natural look back with the long-lasting DHT resistant hair roots.

The cost of hair transplant procedure varies significantly from person to person and has no fixed cost as it decided by a number of factors that are influenced by the patient’s individual state of baldness as well as their physiological & anatomical characteristics.

The hair transplant cost in Dubai is now available with the modest cost option because some of the recognized and reputed Surgeons who have worldwide acceptance and recognition are giving their services in the Arab nations with all the facilities & care free from hassle & interruptions linked with the procedure applications.

Hair Transplant in Dubai

The cost aspects can be understood with the influencing factors that vary from patient to patient is described below:

The Required number of Grafts: The cost of hair transplant is directly influenced by the needed number of grafts/follicular units that you need exactly for the desired or expected thickness. Per graft cost in Dubai is now as same as that of the Indian rate, but just applied to some clinics that are a branch of an Indian clinic. The cost putting according to the graft’s number is considered as one of the best genuine methods as there is no any hidden cost behind it.

The Applied technique of the Procedure: The usable technique affects the procedure cost as it defines the way of extracting that directly influences the extracted number of grafts. The two techniques, namely, the FUT hair transplant & the FUE are applied in the hair restoration world and it has been found out that FUT is more compatible in giving the desired graft number as compared to the FUE. And, most of the expert Surgeon recommends this technique to meet the aesthetic goal of the hair implantation. But, the fact is that the cost of FUT is less as compared to FUE and very much prevalent among the bald patients.

The Available grade of Baldness: The grade of baldness is what that decides the needed number of grafts and the grafts that confirms the cost of the procedure further. The grade of baldness is rated on the Norwood scale that is classified into 7 categories from grade I to VII that decides the extent of hair loss and the treatment measure in order to get the best possible outcomes of the procedure. You can use the graft calculator to find out an approximate number of grafts needed for your particular case of baldness.

The Expertise of the Surgeon & their Recognition: It is a matter of concern that if the operating Surgeon is an expert in the hair transplant world and have worldwide recognition will give you the best output and that’s why the cost of the procedure will be affected with a higher rate. If you want to have the best aesthetic results, you must avoid thinking on the cost matter much because it is a cosmetic procedure that decides your overall look. It is better to consider the expert one rather than the general one in order to achieve the best cosmetic benefits of the procedure.


On the whole, we can say that the cost concerns of the hair restoration procedure rated on the same scale, whether the procedure is done in Asia, Europe, Australia or Arab’s countries except the local influencing aspects and clinical facilities that vary significantly from state to state, depending upon their applicable cost parameters.

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