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Making your Body Produce Steroids Naturally

What are steroids? What do they do that makes them so popular? Steroids are actually synthetic derivatives of our body’s own male hormone, testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for male characteristics, deeper voice, facial hair, and the most important of all, muscle mass. The ability to improve muscle mass is what makes steroids a very sought after commodity in the bodybuilding community. It is available in physical shops and online as well. To buy steroids online, it is simply a click and a swipe away. Some actually buy a whole cycle (which means the entirety of your steroid need until you reach your goal) and you can also buy Steroid Cycles online.

     So the next question is if this compound is produced by our body naturally, why use synthetics at all? Simple, testosterone production wanes as we age and even at our peak it is not produced in the quantities a bodybuilder would need to achieve massiveness. You see even if you use steroids, you will still WORK for that body. But if you are the type who is cautious and do not want to face the risks of steroid use, there are ways to boost your natural testosterone production. Read on below for some of these ways.

Positive Qualities Of Winstrol

      So you can say safely now that the amount of testosterone in your body will be directly proportional to the body or muscle mass that you can achieve. Genetics will play a huge role in this area because they are simply born to be huge. So if you want to improve your body’s ability to build muscle WITHOUT steroid use, it can be a bit daunting. The answer may lie with our food and vitamin intake, sleeping habits, how we handle stress, and how we rid ourselves of fat in general.

      Studies show that the higher the amount of fat you consume, the higher the testosterone levels are, these are saturated fats mind you so don’t go the takeout just yet. The lower fat diet you consume, the lower your testosterone levels would be. Make sure a sufficient amount of fat is included in our diet So take food high in dietary fat like eggs, nut butter, olive oils and coconut oils, seeds and fish would be great sources of these.

       Vitamin D actually plays a major role in testosterone production. Lower vitamin D levels actually correspond to the same levels in testosterone, so make sure you have sufficient Vitamin D in your system by taking supplements. Another thing that lowers testosterone is if we are stressed, both physically and Mentally. Physical stress is easy to handle whereas mental stress could be quite the challenge. A suggestion would be to just get enough rest and sleep and you take care of those two in a single shot.

     Those are just scratching the surface of how we can boost testosterone production naturally. There could be a lot more so do not take my word for it and dig a little deeper.

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