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Is Your AC Emitting A Bad or Foul Smell? Know What Factors Can Be Responsible for It!

The main purpose of having an air conditioning unit is to lower temperature of the surrounding area and offer you the comfort you need especially in summers. However, sometimes its emission of cool air may even produce pungent odour that spreads fast even in huge spaces.

If you too have noticed that your AC emits foul smell when it is running, it is quite essential to get it checked and fix it right away. Well, there can be numerous causes to air conditioner odour. The following can be top causes for it.

Too large AC

When buying ACs, considering your room size and buying it according to that is very important. For instance, the best brand like Lloyd offers variety of air conditioning units in all sizes and different specifications allowing you to choose the one according to your requirements.

However, if your existing AC doesn’t fit well to your room size or is too large for it, it may make musty smell. Generally, larger ACs fail to perform the function of “latent cooling” well. So, the growth of stale smell and mold spores becomes normal after that. Therefore, the size of your AC must be perfectly well, not too and less not too more!

AC Emitting

Clogged water drain

Air conditioning units that run for excess hours are often noticed to emit bad odours due to clogged water drain systems. If the drain is blocked with grime and dust particles, the water may stay back in condensate tray. With time, it starts to emit foul smell especially in tropical climate when it is common for the mold and bacteria to grow in condenser coil as well. If that is the case, remove AC cover and ensure to freshen up tray as well as drainage holes.

Not using Air conditioner properly

Top AC manufacturers say that bad smell emissions from AC can even occur in case you aren’t using it properly. For example, running your AC on “low” mode can be quite damaging for indoor air quality. This happens because dehumidification can’t be carried out to proper levels that can ultimately result in the mold growths as well as obnoxious odours after that.

As a solution to it, you can keep your AC on “Fan” mode just for a while. It can release any kind of accumulated moisture in vent system of unit. In some of the cases, dirty air filters, water seepage into pipes of central AC, rotten dead animals in duct of the system, and engine fluid leakage may even be some of the main reasons behind emitting sink.

It is very much important for you to contact an AC maintenance team so that they can quickly identify the issues behind the foul smell and fix it. Professional assistance is quite essential especially in such cases.

Thus, the above mentioned are some of the top reasons why your indoor air quality has been sacrificed. However, investing in a right AC is always important to safeguard yourselves from all such issues. You can visit to get the best available deals on AC in the market!

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