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How Naltrexone Helps people with anxiety, autism and drug tolerance

As an opioid receptor antagonist, Naltrexone blocks the effects brought about by opioid by competing for opioid receptors located in the brain. Primarily, it has been used to treat people trying to recover from addictions such as alcohol and heroin.

Naltrexone and treatment of autism Naltrexone has been experimented since 1991 on children with autism. Initially, the results were promising; however, the results proved less dramatic on children who had symptoms of autism than was initially expected. Currently, there is little evidence regarding how effective this drug is on treating autism. The main reason why Naltrexone was thought to have some hope in treating autism is that it would reduce self-injurious and repetitive behavior in adults and children.

 Helps people with anxiety, autism and drug

Initially, during the study of Naltrexone as a drug to treat autism, it was tested on children aged between 3-8 years. Essentially, the study was meant to show that it was more effective than placebo. The results showed that it was; there was reduced hyperactive behavior among the children in the study and they were less fidgety. There was improvement in learning and memory levels were improved as well.

Naltrexone and treatment of anxiety Naltrexone may cause depression and anxiety in some people. In case you have a stress related condition that brings about anxiety, Naltrexone does not help in reduction of the stress and the anxiety that comes with much thought. In essence, it blocks the opiate receptors your brain that enable relief from anxiety. Therefore, it is imperative that you consult your doctor when you visit KeyCorp in case you normally have issues to do with depression as Naltrexone may cause an increase of this condition. You may be treating a certain condition using the drug and end up suffering from the side effects of the drug.

Naltrexone and addiction treatment in case you are suffering from an addiction, there is medication that can help you fight this addiction. Naltrexone does not cure alcoholism; however, it helps you stay sober by reducing the “feel good feeling” or pleasant feeling that you feel when you take alcohol after a long day at work. It is an opioid antagonist and helps when you have an addiction with hard drugs such as heroin. You need to consult your health care provider in order to find out if your body can handle Naltrexone. You need to be clean for 7 to 10 day before you start taking Naltrexone.

Additionally, you need to be tested for such conditions as hepatitis and liver disease as they do not augur well with the drug. Once you start taking this drug to help with autism, and addiction to various drugs, you also need to note the side effects and report them to your physician. The side effects of the drug may take a toll on you; however, it will reduce the problems that come with autism and help you get rid of alcoholism and drug addiction.

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