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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Daughter of a Nurse

Working in the nursing field is not only demanding; it means working as one of the most respected and strongest employees within the medical field. For children, having a parent who is a nurse is a source of pride. Every day, those parents are patiently caring for people and saving their lives. To those children, their parents are heroes. Many of them would love to grow up to be just like mom or dad.

Gift Ideas for the Daughter of a Nurse

Nurse Dolls

Many popular doll lines offer dolls that are dressed like nurses. Many of these dolls come with common accessories, such as tools for checking vitals. Nursing dolls are perfect for children who have an existing collection to add to; however, the tiny accessories might be a choking hazard for younger children.


Children love to dress up and play make believe. Therefore, kids scrubs that look similar to the nursing parent’s are an exceptional gift. They could also come in handy for career day, whether it is in the medical workplace or at the child’s school. Children’s scrubs come in a variety of sizes, colors, and prints just like mom’s or dad’s do!

Kid’s Doctor Kit

Doctor kits are a lot of fun! They are not only a fun toy for the child, but the parent can also teach her different educational lessons with those play instruments. She never knows when her teddy bear might need his pulse listened to or ears checked out! There are tons of varying doctor’s kits that range from budget friendly with colorful plastic to more expensive, realistic tools; therefore, there is something available for a girl of any age.

Toy First Aid Kit

Much like the doctor’s kit, the toy first aid kits are also quite handy. The parent can use the toy to go hand in hand with emergency first aid education. Every family should have a first aid kit inside the home and a second inside of the car. Having a toy one may greatly help the child to maintain interest while learning about the real one. However, the toy one is perfect for practicing with all of her favorite dolls and stuffed animals.

Nurses work very hard to provide their children with an ideal life. When nurses’ daughters see such dedication, they truly understand how much of a hero that parent is. Every child wants to grow up to be the perfect person, just like their heroic parents are to them.

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