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Heroin Addiction: Can You Die From Withdrawal?

Addiction is the worst condition which you can face during your entire life. Heroin addiction is something which will not harm you if you will continue with it but once you will decide to withdraw it, you are going to have a roller coaster ride. The first question you will ask from yourself will be, Can I die from the heroin withdrawal? Here are few things which you should keep in your mind if you are planning to visit the heroin abuse.

Heroin is rapidly acting and highly addictive illegal drug. It is most commonly used opiate in the whole world. The number of heroin abusers is increasing at an alarming rate. If we measure the heroin on the addiction rate scale, it is one of the highly addictive opiates which are used in the United States. If users of heroin know about the actual contents of the drug or they know about the actual strength of the drug, they would never use it for abuse. This is the only reason why heroin abusers are at high risk of death.

Heroin Addiction

What is heroin withdrawal?

Before getting into the details, it is important to know what exactly the heroin withdrawal is. Heroin withdrawal is the condition when the users suddenly make the decision of quitting the usage or reducing the dosage. Withdrawal symptoms usually vary from user to user. It clearly means that the withdrawal symptoms will be painful with the heavy dose. But don’t worry, there is a medical supervisor (if you find rehab center) who will supervise the drug withdrawal symptoms. First, the doctor will put on a complete medical detox and then he/she will suggest the complete treatment.

Heroin withdrawal symptoms?

If you have decided to quit or reduce the usage of heroin, you will have to suffer from the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms will become active after 6-20 hours of quitting the drug. These symptoms can include vomiting, teary eyes, excessive sweating, painful erection, body cramps, nausea, fever, frequent yawning etc. You don’t have to worry about these symptoms if you have found the best rehab centre.

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