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Integration and amalgamation into the world of public and community health are a suitable means for the chiropractic profession to help resolve its conflicts on its identity without having to compromise the integrity of losing the burgeoning emphasis on care based on scientific evidence.

According to ACC or the Association of Chiropractic Colleges, chiropractic is a medical treatment discipline that emphasizes the intrinsic recuperative power of our body to heal by itself without the help of drugs or surgery. It emphasizes on the relationship between a function that has been coordinated by our nervous system and the structure of the spine and how it can affect the restoration and preservation of our body’s health.

Chiropractic Care in Rockville

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The definition is compatible with the description of public and community health: the community’s effort to protect, restore and promote wellness. The starting point in effecting this means of integration and amalgamation is to refocus the chiropractic profession on preventive measures and wellness promotion.

It is in line with the current trend in the world of wellness care. The blueprint in improving the wellness situation of Americans, according to the Healthy People program, is to place a lot of weight in the prevention of diseases and promotion of wellness.

The initiative lays out 467 measurable objectives and 28 focus areas to guide state, the federal government and the local agencies, private businesses and organizations, medical professionals and providers, as well as private citizens, to help improve the wellbeing of every citizen in the country. medical professionals are very much involved in meeting more or less 60% of the objectives and chiropractors have the opportunity and the responsibility to participate in this initiative.

Chiropractors can use the Healthy People 2010 program as a road map to properly integrate into the health care world. For example, Rockville chiropractors can use the program to integrate with the welbeing practices of Maryland properly.

Whether they consider themselves as spine specialists, primary medical physicians or health and wellness practitioners, they need to be aware and contribute to the country’s priorities in preventing all kinds of diseases and help promote the well-being of every citizen in the country.

The priorities are favorable to the wellness practice model. But if the chiropractic profession adopts a good wellness model, it must be consistent with the mainstream concept and practice of wellness promotion and illness prevention. This type of model has been suggested to include procedures to promote the optimum function, screen every risk factor, as well as fitness behavior counseling.

Community Health & Chiropractors

Chiropractic colleges, professionals and organizations need to be familiar with the Healthy People program and their objectives to accurately identify all the activities congruent with their interests and expertise. It will lead naturally to the integration into the community activities.

The events can occur on a national basis like through the APHA or the American Public Health Association or through the help of the National Arthritis Foundation. Implementing the programs can occur locally through the support of county or state wellbeing departments.

The health departments are under the Federal government, and they send a directive to every community to work the Healthy People program, like increasing physical activities or minimizing disabilities that are related to lower back pain; both of them are very relevant to every chiropractor in the country.

 Instead of functioning as a Lone Ranger of the medical world, it is time for this profession to join other care institutions and providers to contribute to the objectives of the national fitness and demonstrate their dedication and commitment to achieving a wellness community by integrating well with the mainstream public health.

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Chiropractic practices and public or community health opportunities

Public and community wellbeing is defined as an organized effort on the part of the community or the public to minimize or completely eradicate the disease and untimely death, as well as the discomfort and disability caused by conditions and other risk factors like environmental hazards and injury.

It highlights the wellness of the public as a whole, in contradict with the usual patient care that only focuses on the treatment of the person. Nonetheless, it is imperative to every practicing chiropractor to integrate public and community wellness concepts and ideas as an essential part of every patient care program.

Community health interventions like to advice people about avoiding risk factors, as well as how the profession can integrate protective factors in their lifestyles, can enhance the healing process and can prevent future ailment and untimely death.

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