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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques

Like every other martial art, BJJ has its own techniques you have to master to become the best. You need years of training to master everything, but there are some basics you should learn in the first month of training. This isn’t just beneficial if you want to compete, but they are very useful in life situations when you have to use self-defense.

BJJ has an advantage over many other contact sports because the first time you come to train you will experience grappling which is a technique where you don’t use striking or weapons. You will learn faster when there is more contact. You can easily become a famous fighter with the right club. You can simply find one by checking how many tournaments their fighters have won. If they have a famous fighter, you know they will teach you correctly. Check Eddie Bravo fighter page for more information.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques


When a person is on top of you, Kimura is a very useful way to get an advantage over your opponent. The first thing you should do is to look at which arm of the opponent is easier to control and try to push it on the mat. You don’t have to gram it and force the move you can just slide his hand on the mat. You want to also lock the arm.

If your arm is loose, he could circle out and free himself, so it has to be locked in the elbow. The next move is to bring your second elbow on the opposite side of the opponents head and circle your hand around the arm you locked. When you sit back down, his hand will be off the mat and locked. When you are applying pressure, you can break his shoulder.

Arm bar

Arm bar

The first thing is to pick a hand to attack and get wrist control and elbow control. When you pull his hand in, you want to get his opposite shoulder and pull it down towards you. This move is great when a competitor is on top of you. You should put your foot on the opposite hip and pivot. You will be able to wrap your legs around the opponent but still, the hand is the main goal. While just extending your hips up, you will apply pressure on the arm.


For a triangle to work, you have to pick a hand to attack. When you get his wrist you also need to control his posture by pulling him by the back of his head. There is also a second method of doing triangle which includes using both opponent arms where you pull one of his hands over your head and the second at the lowest point of his body.

By doing this technique, you will make room for your hips in order to wrap your legs around the opponents head. The final point is to move opponents hand to the side and push him downwards saw it looks like he is choking on his own hand. By extending your hips upwards you will apply the pressure needed to win.

Scissor Sweep

Scissor Sweep is a great weapon versus lower ranked fighters, but you need to learn to perform it correctly in order to win every time. You should always know how to get out of the situation when the opponent is on top of you. The first thing you should do is to grip the opponent by his kimono at the part behind his neck where the tag is.

With the second arm, you should gram the kimono where his wrist is. At the same time, you should pull him towards you so he won’t have enough balance to counterattack. Depending on the side you do it, one leg should be on the opponent’s chest and the second should be on the mat. While you are pulling you should just sweep the opponent and he will end up on his back.

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