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All About Adam S Kutner Scholarship Program

Adam Kutner, a renowned personal injury lawyer practising in Las Vegas in his bid to aid fuure lawyers has initiated a scholarship program for the same. Before delving into the details of the scholarship program, let us tell you that this is his endeavor to give it back to the society which has played such an instrumental role in his success. Till date, he has actually gone on to handle more than 22,000 cases in Las Vegas (in 25 years). Notably he had worked for an insurance company for many years after which he decided to take up personal injury law—thereby helping victims fight the tricks of insurance companies after an accident. Needless to say today he is using his knowledge gained from his stint at the insurance industry to serve sufferers to the best of his ability.

Adam S Kutner – How is he Giving it back to the society?

Besides his own unmatched domain knowhow, it’s people’s faith in his skills that has helped him attain such a momentous milestone. So, it can well be claimed that Adam S Kutner Scholarship Program is his way of giving back to the society. In order to qualify for the scholarship – however- the students must be able to demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Must be able to establish his/her status as a student – someone making efforts to attend college the next year
  • Must be a senior high school or college student
  • The genuine need for fund should be established
  • The student must have maintained above 3.0 GPA (school transcript should be furnished)
  • Graduates willing to carve a niche in “law” can apply as well

More about the Scholarship Program

Another major requirement that an interested applicant should fulfill is demonstrate his interest in an aspect of law. He or she should duly be able to explain how “law” complies with his major. Needless to say, this particular criterion applies to graduates. The student requires to document his interest in the form of an essay with a maximum of 300 words. The student can choose any format for this essay but it should clearly establish the relationship between law and the major he/she has taken up.

It is imperative to submit the entire application to Adam S Kutner by 1st August either via an e-mail or via an online application form available at,. You can mail your application at info [at]