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Alcoholism Should Be Avoided

What causes alcohol abuse? Firstly it is the most easily available addictive substance that is available to the people especially the men. Secondly peer pressure is also an important reason behind alcohol abuse. This alcohol abuse or addiction whatever we may call is more common among men than it is among women; it is not that there are no women alcoholics but the number is quiet less than the men alcoholics. Drinking and then physically abusing a loved is a common feature for the alcoholics. There are a number of reasons except for the two mentioned above that are responsible for excessive drinking.

  • Unwanted feelings
  • Social life
  • Trauma related to the past
  • Guilt or reoccurring feelings of guilt.

Another important reason is genetics; which means that if a person’s father or grandfather has been into alcohol then it plays an important role in alcohol abuse in men. So in a case of alcohol addiction it is very necessary to send that person to an alcohol rehab centre. California is one place where alcohol abuse is at its peak mainly because of the lifestyle and the work tension that people go through. There are a number of California alcohol rehab centres that one can visit in case there is a problem of alcohol abuse in the family. The rehab centres help the patients to get over the alcohol abuse with a good and properly designed rehab program.

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Benefits of the inpatient rehab program

  • During the stay the patients are made to go through various types of psychological therapy and counselling which help the patients to come clean and also helps them in becoming strong and confident.
  • The alcohol rehab California helps the patients to build their own daily routines and make them stick to it and follow them thoroughly.
  • The inpatient rehab program helps the drug abuse victims to learn and practice social skills in a reserved environment.

So this inpatient rehab program is a must for the patients dealing with alcohol abuse as with this they can easily get back to life not fully but atleast partially. The alcohol rehab in California has therapists, counsellors and nurses who are into bringing a patient back to normal.

The first step of this alcohol abuse therapy is also detoxification just like in drug abuse; in this the harmful substance is replaced with medication that helps in controlling the feelings of anxiety. After this detoxification process the therapy begins which is made to make a person feel better not only emotionally and physically but also spiritually. The therapies in the rehab include the following:

  • Recreational therapy- this includes outdoor activities and fitness programs for the body, mind and soul.
  • Family therapy- Family plays an important role in recovery; so the therapy helps the patient in rebuilding family relationships.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy- this therapy helps in improving emotional stability and in decreasing depression in the patients.

This is how the drug abuse programs in the California drug rehab worked and followed.

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