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About The Anavar An Anabolic Steroid

Anavar is an anabolic Class 1 steroid with the light androgenic properties making it safe for the users. The Anavar substances have been used for the variety of the clinical purposes that includes helping the victims of the burns, to relieve bone pain in women with the osteoporosis. Although the Anavar is not commonly used but the drug has the capability to increase the body’s ability in absorbing the calcium for improving bone strength. The Anavar is a very popular drug as like the anabolic steroid as it produces the great and good results with minimum or no effects on the human body. When using the Anavar steroid you can gain the muscle mass and the strength without the water retention and this steroid also increases the leans muscles in the body just by eliminating the fat. In order to loss fat in large amount you need to do proper exercise and diet in addition to intake of this drug.

Anavar An Anabolic Steroid

The Anavar steroid is mainly used by the athletes and body builders especially those who are preparing for the competitions where this is due to the tendency of the steroid to increase the rate of the metabolic activity, muscle strength increase, recovery and the muscle endurance and it is also helps in burning the fat. The Anavar is an alkylates steroid C17 Alpha where this makes it as a good for oral administration although this steroid produces the mild level of the liver toxicity. The Anavar steroid exhibits only little or no side effects to the users when it is used for the medical treatment. Anavar is used by the individual who wants to build up their muscles. Thus it is commonly used by the sportsmen, weight lifters, bodybuilders, fighters to improve performance and build muscles.

How to prevent the suppression of libido

Depending on the individual dose usage level of Anavar a slight to the moderate suppression of the libido may be experienced. Because of using the Anavar steroid doses above 40 mg will affect in decreasing your sex drive and due to this where many users hate this effect. This effect can be reduced or avoided by using the following things.

  • Proviron – This compound helps in reducing the effect of the suppression and it also takes care of the other issues like stiffen muscle and hair loss where this can be useful when you take 25 mg of proviron after 14 days will help to achieve these results.
  • Tribulus and Avena sativa –It helps to prevent the fall in libido usage of the 4-7 g of tribulus and 3-4 g of Avena sativa per day helps in maintaining and elevating the sexual desire.
  • Maintenance of the dosage test – Using the testosterone drug to avoid the suppression is very effective one. It maintains and contributes to gain the sexual desire in which using the 200 mg dosage per day will provide you the good results.

When you follow the above things just you can increase your suppression of libido effectively in fast manner. But in order achieve good results you need to be very careful in the dose usage level.

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