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A General Hormone in Both Genders

DIM will give more benefits while concerning testosterone and estrogen balance. DIM is a natural compound which comes from certain vegetables. It will be produced from vegetables like Brussels sprouts, kale, watercress, broccoli and others. In the result of research of DIM, it has proved to be a thing with two effects called chemo preventive and anticancer agent. Most of the people, particularly body builders and women with PMS symptoms can use this diindolylmethane as to cure natural testosterone and estrogen regulation.

DIM is having impact on hormone balance. Some secondary benefits like improved sex hormone including better metabolism, better muscle building capacities, improved cardiovascular health and etc. In common, hormones will be generally secreted by endocrine system and so it will cause specific biological and psychological effects throughout the body. These hormones will be naturally produced within both genders. The main difference between male and female is only the level of hormones secretion. In general, men will produce 6 to 8 milligrams of testosterone daily. In woman, only one mg of testosterone will get produced.

Hormone in Both Genders

Women are more than men. The most common endocrine system among women is estrogenic imbalance. Some estrogens like 2 hydroxyl estrogen will be highly safe and hence called to be good estrogens. Other kinds of estrogens like 4 hydroxyls and 16 hydroxyls are known to be good at maintaining high levels of carcinogenic and hence called to be bad estrogens. Estrogens are found in all women.  Though bad estrogen is having responsibility to perform body function, it is indispensable.

Two Ways for Estrogen: In addition to issue of estrogen based cancer, it will also lead to the excessive amount of estrogens in the blood.  Women and men are selected to undergo hormone replacement therapies. The most common side effects of estrogen replacement therapies are found to induce issues as headaches. DIM is having greater impact on hormone balance. Use of testosterone replacement therapies has increased over past 10 years.

It is observed that it will produce various issues like benign prostatic hypertrophy, prostate cancer, sleep apnea, blindness, impotence, infertility and etc. Both men and women are using diindolylmethane for natural testosterone and estrogen before taking its supplementation. DIM is a food based compound found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and brussels’s sprouts. Studies have shown that it will reduce ability to decrease the risk of certain cancers particularly for those influenced by increased estrogen levels, like uterine and prostate.

DIM will increase fat breakdown and increase muscle mass. Some women have estrogen dominance throughout life for various reasons like low thyroid, high cortisol and etc. Higher estrogen levels in men will lead to increased weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and feminization of body which will decrease the testosterone levels. There are two ways in the liver for normal metabolism and excretion. The first way is, through 2 hydroxyl estrogens. The second way is, through 16 hydroxyl estrogens. DIM increases the favorable 2 hydroxyl way for estrogen metabolism and this is the basic reason for DIM in improving the health.

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