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3 Tips for Shedding Those Excess Pounds Over the Summer

For many, summer represents a season of new beginnings. With the bitter chill of winter finally gone, summer’s long sunny days, clear blue skies and comfortable temperatures provide people with both a figurative and literal clean slate. That being the case, it’s no wonder so many people choose summer as the time to bring their weight loss goals to fruition. If you’re determined to shed all that excess winter weight by summer’s end, the following tips are sure to come in handy.

 Limit Alcohol Consumption Since summer is the season of good times, it should come as no surprise that alcohol consumption is abundant during this time of year. In addition to attending a large number of barbecues, family gatherings and other events at which booze is served, people tend to do a fair amount of drinking at home throughout the summer months. After a hot shower, vigorous workout or long day at the office, nothing beats a cold drink. Unfortunately, most alcoholic beverages are loaded with empty calories, making them conducive to weight gain and the dreaded beer belly. If you’re looking for something to refresh yourself, you’re sure to find that unsweetened ice tea, sports drinks, or even water work nearly as well.

Excess Pounds Over the Summer

Consider Liposuction If you’re significantly heavier than you’d like to be, liposuction may be something to consider. Due to the cost and semi-invasive nature of this procedure, it’s generally recommended for people whose body weight is considerably more than what it should be. Before committing to undergo liposuction, it’s imperative that you find a doctor you can trust and a clinic that has access to cutting-edge equipment, like Smart Lip at Vermont, Los Angeles. Having this procedure performed at an outdated clinic by a questionable physician can have long-term consequences, so make sure to thoroughly research both the doctor and clinic you choose.

Rest Up as previously stated, summertime is rife with fun-filled shindigs. Between backyard barbecues, beach gatherings and pool parties, most people’s dance cards are full during this season. While you should feel free to attend as many of these gatherings as you want, take care not to pull too many all-nighters. Getting less than eight hours of sleep each night has been linked to slow metabolisms and increased appetites – not to mention rampant moodiness. So regardless of how busy your work schedule is or how many parties you have to attend, carve out time for a goodnight’s sleep every evening. In addition to helping you lose weight, this will ensure that you’re more alert, well-rested and better able to tackle the challenges of everyday life.

Children and adults alike look forward to summertime all year long. This season’s beautiful weather brings countless opportunities for outdoor recreation, family road trips and significant weight loss. In many cases, meeting one’s weight loss goals during the summer is completely doable – provided the person is willing to commit to a healthy diet and steady exercise regimen. Limiting alcohol consumption, sleeping eight hours a night and, if need be, undergoing liposuction can also play an integral role in helping you reach your target weight.

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