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3 Famous Musical Divas Who Went from Fat to Fit

We all admire the flawless and drop dead gorgeous looks of the female actors in Hollywood. Don’t they all have bodies to make us go all green in envy? Oh how we wish we could also be fit and flawless just like them.

STX Studios, Is This Hollywood’s Next Major Studio? Bob Simonds with his engaging initiatives is certain to answer the question with an “Yes,” especially as the movies produced by the studio prove to be a promising platform to upcoming starlets, including musical Divas. Bob Simonds have earlier popularised Divas like Lindsay Lohan and Beyonce in his productions. However this time with the fund of STX Entertainments, the musical divas may just be in for a serious big shot in the movie industry. Being a musical Diva however doesn’t show mercy on physique, like the trend goes, to make it big one must be chiselled. Although many of them have been blessed with flawless beauty right from the start, some have had to sweat till day’s end to stay fit and flawless.

In this article, let us take a look at the top names who used to be plump and chubby before they transformed into fab n’ fit celebrities.

Christina Aguilera

The famous pop star who shot to fame with her single “Genie In A Bottle”, is perhaps the best example of how Hollywood celebrities can transform in a matter of time. Back in the day, when Christine Aguilera had just started out with her music career in Hollywood, she used to be quite a plump and pretty face to be honest. And the haters had again done their job of picking on her weight and looks. Now although Aguilera had brushed off those remarks saying they don’t affect her, she was seen to sport a much trimmed down frame later. She still remains curvy, but a lot toned down and more of a hotbod for certain. Now, don’t we just love that look of her!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears had been in the news for quite some time when she was going through a down phase or a rough patch, as they say. This very popular music star, known for huge smash hits of songs like “Hit me baby one more time” and “Sometimes” used to be very teenagers fashion icon. During her rough phase, she went from a skinny frame to quite a plump woman. However, Spears was successful in making a splashing comeback with her toned and terrific image once more. She reportedly said to have taken to hardcore working out and cardio exercises to shed those extra kilos. She had been in this strict regimen for 6 months to get her back to a toned and flawless frame. Britney Spears still continues to wow us time and again.

Mariah Carey

Now, who doesn’t love this musical diva for her mind blowing hits! Mariah Carey has also been loved for her always curvy frame. However, ever since she gave birth to twins, the superstar was supposedly going through a low self esteem phase after she gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy. But, she decided to tone down herself and took to regular aquatic workout and cardio sessions. Eventually, after shedding a whopping 70 lbs, Carey also became the brand representative of the weight loss company. She conferred all the credits to that company and says that she is a much confident and happy person and also healthier than ever!

Celebrity images that we see every day can easily lure us into day dreaming to become hotbods like them. However, what we happen to miss out is the fact that their bodies are a result of tremendous hard work and following a strict food regimen.